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How to install Bulma

Create your own theme with a simple set of variables

Get the Bulma CSS file

A single .css file that includes all of Bulma

Recommended Option 1. Use a CDN

You can import the CSS file directly from jsDelivr:

@import "[email protected]/css/bulma.min.css";
  href="[email protected]/css/bulma.min.css"

Since the release of v1, the main version also works in RTL contexts, thanks to the use of logical properties. As a result, no separate RTL version of Bulma is developed anymore.

Bulma is also available via cdnjs.

Option 2. Download the Github release

You can get the latest Bulma release as a .zip from GitHub:
Download v1.0.1


Get the Bulma Sass library

A collection of .sass files to build your own version of Bulma

Recommended Option 1. Install the NPM package

Bulma is available through npm:

npm install bulma
yarn add bulma

Bulma is also available via cdnjs.

Option 2. Clone the GitHub repository

Bulma is available on GitHub:

git clone [email protected]:jgthms/bulma.git
git clone
gh repo clone jgthms/bulma
Note that the GitHub repository also includes this documentation, so it’s significantly bigger than the NPM package.

How to support Bulma

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