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A simple container to center your content horizontally

The .container class can be used in any context, but mostly as a direct child of either:

  • .nav
  • .hero
  • .section
  • .footer

This is how the container will behave:

  • on mobile and tablet, it will have a margin of 20px on both the left and right sides.
  • on desktop (>= 1000px), it will have a maximum width of 960px and will be horizontally centered.
  • on widescreen (>= 1192px), it will have a maximum width of 1152px.
  • on fullhd (>= 1384px), it will have a maximum width of 1344px.

The values 960, 1152 and 1344 have been chosen because they are divisible by both 12 and 16.

This container is centered on desktop.
<div class="container">
  <div class="notification">
    This container is <strong>centered</strong> on desktop.

Fluid container

If you don't want to have a maximum width but want to keep the 20px margin on the left and right sides, add the is-fluid modifier:

This container is fluid: it will have a 20px gap on either side.
<div class="container is-fluid">
  <div class="notification">
    This container is <strong>fluid</strong>: it will have a 20px gap on either side, on any viewport size.

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