The bulma-start package

A tiny npm package to get started with Bulma

bulma-start is a tiny npm package that includes the npm dependencies you need to build your own website with Bulma.

Install #

Download bulma-start 0.0.5 (.zip), rename to your project's name (i.e. my-new-bulma-site) and:

 cd my-new-bulma-site && npm install && npm start 
For more, visit bulma-start README on Github.

What’s included #

The npm dependencies included in package.json are:

Apart from package.json, the following files are included:

  • .babelrc configuration file for Babel
  • .gitignore common Git ignored files
  • index.html this HTML5 file
  • _sass/main.scss a basic SCSS file that imports Bulma and explains how to customize your styles, and compiles to css/main.css
  • _javascript/main.js an ES6 JavaScript that compiles to lib/main.js

How to support Bulma

#native_company# #native_desc#