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Light and Dark colors, better look, larger form controls, panel colors, and more

A big update for more colors and flexibility

October 15th, 2019
Light and dark clouds

The new version Bulma 0.8.0 is out! 😃 It comes with several bug fixes and a lot of nice new features:

More in the Changelog.

Light/Dark colors #

Each main color ("primary", "info", "success", "warning", "danger") now comes with a *-light and a *-dark version. They are calculated using 2 new color functions:

  • findLightColor() which finds the light version of a color
  • findDarkColor() which finds the dark version of a color

The light colors are used by the button element:

List Bulma buttons

The light and dark colors are used by the message component, which generates much prettier colored versions. See the difference between before (left) and after (right):

Messages before Messages after

Better visual look #

Some of the Bulma colors have been updated:

Color Before After
$green hsl(141, 71%, 48%) hsl(141, 53%, 53%)
$cyan hsl(204, 86%, 53%) hsl(204, 71%, 53%)
$red hsl(348, 100%, 61%) hsl(348, 86%, 61%)

The shadows of the box and card have been improved:

Card before Card after
Box before Box after

Panel colors #

The panel component is now available in all colors:

Panel colors

Larger form controls #

Form controls and buttons are now 2.5em high. You can revert this resizing by setting these previous values:

$control-height: 2.25em
$control-padding-vertical: calc(0.375em - #{$control-border-width})
$control-padding-horizontal: calc(0.625em - #{$control-border-width})

$button-padding-vertical: calc(0.375em - #{$button-border-width})
$button-padding-horizontal: 0.75em

4-value color map #

The $colors Sass map now accepts, for each of its values, a map of up to 4 values. For example: the key "info" now has the ($info, $info-invert, $info-light, $info-dark) map.

If you provide a $custom-colors map, you can decide to provide a map of 1, 2, 3 or 4 values for each value. If fewer than 4 are provided, Bulma will calculate the remaining ones:

$custom-colors: (
  "lime": (lime),
  "tomato": (tomato, white),
  "orange": ($orange, $orange-invert, $orange-light),
  "lavender": ($lavender, $lavender-invert, $lavender-light, $lavender-dark)

This is processed by the updated mergeColorMaps() Sass function.

Scheme variables for "Dark mode" #

There are 6 new $scheme derived variables: $scheme-main $scheme-main-bis $scheme-main-ter $scheme-invert $scheme-invert-bis $scheme-invert-ter They replace the $white and $black occurrences in the codebase.

This makes it easy to create a “Dark mode” simply by swapping the values:

$scheme-main: $black
$scheme-invert: $white
// etc.

That is also why most of the codebase now references derived variables ($text, $background, $border etc.) instead of initial ones ($grey, $grey-lighter, $grey-darker etc.): updating the derived variables will affect all elements and components directly.

The new 0.8.0 version should be fully compatible with any Bulma setup. Feel free to post an issue if you encounter any problem upgrading.

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